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The return of Writers Boot Camp

Writers Boot Camp and Start Writing workshops have a new home at CSI Annex.

Greeting fellow writers—after the College Street boardroom closed down, I spent the summer hunting down venues all over the city. It turns out that the answer was just around the block. I’m pleased to announce that Start Writing has been accepted as a member at the Centre for Social Innovation’s Annex location on Bathurst near Bloor. CSI Annex is a five-story, beautifully restored brick & beam building packed with innovators. The fully accessible building has meeting rooms that comfortably seat up to 12 writers. It’s closer to the subway! And they have windows! We’re gonna be all right.

There’s an overlap between the CSI mission, which is to create a better world by putting people and planet first, and the philosophy behind the AWA method of my groups. I believe that writing is an artform that belongs to all people, regardless of economic class or education level. I continue to showcase this philosophy in my own workshops, which require no experience or prerequisites. I also hope that over time I will discover opportunities to collaborate with CSI community members.

And so things are pretty much as they were, except for one thing: I’m retiring the apostrophe from Writers Boot Camp. The apostrophe stuck around since some grammatical peer pressure in the early days. While researching venues last month, I stumbled across this FAQ from the much-loved Icelandic Writers Retreat:

Where’s the apostrophe?
We thought about calling this event the Iceland Writers’ Retreat, but decided to keep our brand plain and simple and wanted to avoid confusion when others wrote about it. So we’re taking a page from several famous companies, like Diners Club and the Vancouver Writers Fest, and going apostrophe free.

Hey—if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me. See you in the Annex!

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