Hey, what's your favourite notebook? Here's mine.

A brief bit of legalese for my fellow writers

To ensure a safe environment is provided for all participants, and to keep the registration process running as smoothly as possible, the following terms & conditions apply to all Start Writing sessions.

Purchases and refunds

  1. Workshop seats are offered on a first-come-first-served basis.
  2. Workshop seats are non-transferable.
  3. A full refund will be granted up to five (5) days in advance of the first workshop session or ten (10) days in advance of a workshop audit. Refunds will not be issued past this deadline.
  4. Refunds or credits are not provided for missed weeks.

Eligibility and electronics

  1. Workshops are offered to adult writers 17+. No prior writing experience required.
  2. You are expected to write by hand during in-group writing exercises. If you are physically unable to write by hand, the use of electronic devices is permitted.


  1. U of T does not allow non-service animals in their classrooms. With regrets, Milo and other pooches are not able to join us.
  2. As facilitator, it is my primary job to provide a safe environment for all participants. In the event that a participant is unwilling or unable to follow workshop guidelines, they may be asked to leave and may forfeit their workshop fee.