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Summer Sessions

Greetings fellow writers!

This summer, I’m mixing it up with two standalone afternoon sessions.

One is an experimental workshop called 10 Self-Portraits.

I’m calling the other one Writers’ Boot Camp: Greatest Hits. Take a break from the sun, and create a new batch of sketches, stories and poems with me instead.

Date: Sunday August 10, 2014
Time: 12.00pm – 5pm
Address: 489 College Street (Bathurst & College)

The workshop will feature a handful of my favorite exercises from the last year or so of Writers’ Boot Camp. Here’s the new wrinkle: stay as long as you want. Pay what you want.

The workshop has no official start or end time. Show up at noon, or 3pm if that suits you better. Stay for one exercise, or the full slate. It’s totally up to you. I’m suggesting $10 for each hour you stay, but I’m not going to look over your shoulder. I’ll just leave a donation box in the corner and see what happens.

No registration or commitment required: if you like the idea, just show up. Maybe it’ll just be the two of us, or maybe it will be standing room only. Either way, it seems like a great way to spend a non-NFL Sunday.

In all other aspects, this workshop will follow my Open House rules. This means the event is open to all adult writers. Other than a pen and a notebook, there are no prerequisites. This workshop will give you a chance to:

• get to know the Amherst Writers & Artists method
• take part in a series of writing exercises
• check out the workshop space
• meet David, your workshop leader and ask him some tough questions
• learn if my approach is a good fit for you and your writing

If you have any questions get in touch. Otherwise, feel free to spread the word, and I hope to see you on the 10th.

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