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The image above is really aspirational. I can’t share the menu or confirm if you’ll have to do any cooking. But I can state, definitively, that after seven years of workshops in Toronto, it’s time to take this show on the road.

Start Writing Retreat #1 is happening this August. It’s not “if enough writers sign up” or “the dates may change.” Promises have been made. Deposits have been posted. Me & Milo are committed and you’re welcome to join us.

I’ll be travelling to the retreat site in the next couple of weeks to check everything out in person. Once I’m back full details will be posted, including the full retreat schedule, registration and payment options. Here are some initial details to make things official.

When: Friday Aug. 12th (arrival dinner) until late afternoon Tues. Aug. 16th (with option to depart Wed. Aug. 17th)

Where: Gilmour, Ontario. About 2.5 hours north of downtown. We’ll take over a 4 acre compound with campfire, swimming and canoeing options. Carpooling is an option for those who don’t drive.

Accommodations–no sharesies! We will meet (and some of us will stay) in a 3-bedroom cottage with a large living room and communal kitchen. As more writers join the retreat, they will each get their own small cabin spread out on the property.

What: We will meet twice a day for group writing sessions. There will also be plenty of private writing time, prompt jars, coaching sessions, and options to share manuscripts.

Who: Me & Milo are committed. While this particular venue can hold 20+ guests, our group will be no greater than 9.

How much: Approx. $1,000. Food & meal preparations will be determined in the near future (and based on how many writers sign up).

If you have an interest in coming and/or questions please let me know!







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