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Podcast #3: Lana Pesch

The Start Writing Podcast chats up Toronto author Lana Pesch about Moving Parts, her “boffo” short story collection.

Episode 3: Lana Pesch

Revise. Edit. Dig deep. Repeat. And, ultimately, trust the intelligence of your readers. These are notions that inform Lana’s writing and are on display in Moving Parts, her debut short story collection, published by Arsenal Pulp Press.

I chatted with Lana about her character-driven tales, her work with Sarah Selecky, her enthusiasm for shifting points of view, and why bringing a talking corpse into one of her stories was such a fun experience.

Change is the only constant. I live by that. I believe it. Lots of people are uncomfortable with it, including my characters . . . I tend to put (them) in places where they aren’t all that safe and they are on edge and see what happens. Just like life, very often.


Episode 3: notes and links

The “other story with a corpse” Lana references is “Camping at Dead Man’s Point” by Matthew J Trafford, from his book The Divinity Gene.

LanaPesch.com – Lana’s website. Keep up with her activities, including writing, video production, consultancy, and jumping out of perfectly good airplanes.

Story is a State of Mind: The Story Course – Sarah Selecky’s self-directed online creative writing school.

Story is a State of Mind: The Story Intensive – A guided, four-month program. Lana is a teacher for the Fall/Winter 2016 semester.

Banff Centre -Guide to literary arts programs at the Banff Centre, Alberta.

Moving Parts: US Tour – Lana’s October 2016 appearance at The Potter’s House in Washington, DC

Buy Moving Parts from your local independent bookstore, or online from Arsenal Pulp PressAmazon or Indigo Chapters.

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