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Dialogue’s a great tool for writers. It allows us to develop rhythm, establish character and advance our stories. Yet dialogue can be tricky to get right. The way we speak in real life rarely translates well to the page, and readers are prone to skip over conversations that sounds tedious or artificial.

This mini masterclass offers tools and insights to help writers of all levels craft dialogue that shines. As a group, we’ll discuss:

  • the purpose of dialogue;
  • using speech to create suspense and tension;
  • when (and how) to avoid monologues;
  • when to use tags;
  • the trouble with adverbs (he said ominously).

Discussions will be followed by brief in-group writing exercises so you’ll have a chance to turn theory into practice.

As with all Start Writing workshops, this mini masterclass will follow the Amherst Writers & Artists method to ensure a safe, supportive environment for adult writers of all levels. No prior experience is required.