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Call For Submissions

In a recent post, I gently closed the cover on Sterling, Start Writing’s literary journal. The relief of not having to face the deadlines and trauma of a print publication lasted about, oh, two days. Then the burning question became: what’s next?

The answer is Anybody Want to Go First, the tentative title for an annual anthology. The phrase will be familiar if we’ve written together: it’s my standard opening after an exercise. I like the idea of people volunteering to share their pieces in the group. Through this book, I like the idea of sharing our work with the world.

The anthology will showcase pieces that got their start in my workshops. If you’re taken part in Writers’ Boot Camp, The Novel or The Finishers in 2015, you’re invited to submit something. Since this is the first issue, I’ll be flexible on the date: all writers from recent workshops are welcome to apply.

Submission details:

  • Extension alert! Submissions will be accepted until Jan. 31st, 2016
  • fiction, poetry & comics are welcome
  • no minimum word count; nothing longer than 2,500 words
  • the exercise that inspired your work (if you remember)
  • submit work through this Submittable page only
  • you must have taken one of my workshops or your submission will be declined without comment

I see this as a celebration, not a commercial project. This means copies will be given away for free, and there is no payment for submissions. I can promise you it will be beautiful, and I will gladly give all featured writers 2-3 copies.

Ready to submit? Share your pieces via the Submittable page starting Wednesday, November 18th. If all goes according to plan, the anthology will be available in March-ish, 2016. So. Who’s gonna go first?


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