Hey, what's your favourite notebook? Here's mine.

Start Writing workshops are run by David Bester. That’s me on the left.

I work mostly as a freelance writer. Over the last 15 years I have worked with many of the world’s best-known brands. Most of my output falls under corporate communications.

In April 2008 I completed a training program to become an AWA Writing Workshop Leader, and have been leading creative writing workshops in Toronto since 2009. I occasionally work as a writing coach. I was the editor / founder of Sterling, Start Writing’s literary journal. During the NFL season I co-host WideRight, a podcast for the casually degenerate gambler. Also on iTunes!

I am an Executive Producer of Color Me Obsessed, a feature documentary about the last best band, The Replacements. The ‘Mats reunited for three spectacular shows as headliners of Riot Fest 2013, including a stop in Toronto. Finally, I can say “I was there.”

If you find yourself stuck somewhere along the creative journey, don’t fret. It doesn’t mean you’ve done anything wrong. It’s more likely you are taking in the same scenery as everyone else who has attempted to breathe life into an idea. You’re always welcome to get in touch.

miloMilo is an adult male Lhassa Apso / Poodle cross.

Since I adopted him four years ago, Milo has become a regular fixture at workshop sessions and has earned the title of co-facilitator. He mostly sits under my chair. But he’s a great listener, and if you do happen to arrive a few minutes early, you get to watch him tear around the room, ready to get to work.