Hey, what's your favourite notebook? Here's mine.


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Wandering around London, England, I passed a small art gallery advertising “68 self-portraits.” Maybe it was 58. Or 71. But it was a big enough number to seem impressive. The gallery was closed that day, but something about the idea has been banging around in my head ever since.

And so we arrive at 10 Self-Portraits, a workshop experiment. Over the course of four hours, up to 10 writers are invited to take part in 10 exercises. Some will be very short. Some will be longer. Some we will share for non-critical feedback. Others we will keep to ourselves. Taken together, these loosely connected exercises will help us uncover a piece of who we are as artists, creators, and individuals. 

As with all my workshops, 10 Self-Portraits will follow the Amherst Writers & Artists method to ensure a safe, supportive environment for adult writers of all levels. No prior experience is required. The only prerequisites are a pen, a notebook, a willingness to participate and an open mind.