Hey, what's your favourite notebook? Here's mine.


8 Thursdays | Sept. 14th – Nov. 2nd | 7pm-9.30pm | $390 + HST | sold out
Writers’ Boot Camp returns in January.



At Writers’ Boot Camp, you’ll be surprised how quickly writing in groups will fill your notebook with inspired ideas, sketches and stories. This workshop will help writers of all levels get in touch with their unique voice, expand their craft, and banish the fear of a blank page. Following the Amherst Writers & Artists (AWA) method, Writers’ Boot Camp uses prompt-based exercises and a safe, non-critical environment to create and share your work.

Each session is limited to 9 writers.


Each week, workshop members will take part in 3-5 writing exercises. These exercises are an invitation to experiment and explore new ideas without expectation, judgement, or homework. In-group writing is shared for feedback, but is treated as rough work not yet ready for questions or criticism. From this immediate feedback, we get to know more about our voices and complete the writer’s goal of being heard.

The exercises are usually directed towards fiction, sometimes memoir, and sometimes poetry (but not too much). While the exercises are intended to spark your creativity, the structure is open-ended: you are always free to write in the genre or topic that interests you most. Occasionally we break out into discussions about craft and different ways to develop a disciplined writing practice.

What is a writer? A writer is someone who writes. Whether you’ve published volumes, are just getting started, or are seeking a way to kickstart your creativity, you are invited to take part in this workshop.


What People Say

The ten weeks I spent at Writers’ Boot Camp was one of the most positive experiences I’ve had as a writer.  With David’s well-thought out and carefully structured writing exercises, he builds not only a productive environment but also a safe place for creative expression. Always welcoming, never critical and extremely professional, I appreciated David’s expertise and organization.  I highly recommend Writer’s Boot Camp to anyone wishing to write more, if for no other reason than to (re)discover the pure joy of it. – Nicola

Can’t thank you enough for the class. It was such a positive experience. It gave me confidence and insight into my strengths and weaknesses and inspired some ideas I want to explore further — so much more than I expected to get out of it. Don’t be surprised to see me darken your classroom door again. – Scott K.

I remember feeling incredibly vulnerable but also proud because I had two goals in mind when I signed up for this workshop. One was to give myself a chance to be creative – the other was to open myself up to others – shortcomings and all! So it was terrifying. And then it was so wonderful! I wrote stories! And I read those stories out loud! And people seemed to like them, or parts of them, and I did too. I loved the whole experience, I would do it again. Thank you David! Christie

I loved my experience at Writers’ Boot Camp. It’s a great environment for writers of any level to share their voice and hear other people’s. Sitting at the table, it truly felt like no one there was any better or worse than anyone else. I would recommend it in a heartbeat. – Sam Bean

I remember being wowed by at least one something every single time I wrote with every group. It’s affirming and inspiring to write with talented writers from different backgrounds, and the method is a great equalizer. It also moved me to be accountable to show up for a few hours a week, and I can see definite changes in my attitude and craft because of the presence of Boot Camp in my practice. Angelica