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The submission box is open for the 2017 Start Writing anthology. If you’ve taken one of my workshops over the past year you’re invited to share a story, poem or comic for possible inclusion. ** Deadline extended to February 15, 2017.  **

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Anybody Want to go First? The Start Writing Annual 2016 is now available in a digital edition. Free! The eBook contains all the same pieces as the print edition, with original stories, poems and comics by these Start Writing veterans:

Ariel Goldblatt, Elisha Gennara, Jean Blacklock, Daniella Musarella-Kelly, Stephanie Christmas, Yashin Blake, Miranda Hargraves, Susheela Willis, Elizabeth Holmes, Nerissa Martin, Jill Firman, Simona Dragu, Tasha Stewart, Marie Van Wassenhoven, Sanaz Ghasemi, Timothy Taylor, Daven Sharma, Christie McNabb, Dale Sheldrake.

Download direct from Lulu.com: http://bit.ly/2he9BDy

iBookstore: http://apple.co/2hCsJby

Print editions are still available for $5 a copy.



The Start Writing Podcast chats up Toronto author Lana Pesch about Moving Parts, her “boffo” short story collection.
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the q2 reading report

I made one resolution for 2016: to read 100 books. Even though 100 felt like an ambitious target, I didn’t think it was insane. I thought back to my high school days, when I would regularly burn through 2-3 books a week and still have time for high school nonsense. I thought about all the wasted time I could freely redirect towards reading (I’m mostly looking at you, Netflix). I made the pledge public on my mailing list, believing that this accountability would keep me on the page-turning straight and narrow.

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Anybody Want to go First?  is back from the printers and is ready to be celebrated. You’re invited to join us for the launch event, Tuesday August 9th.
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