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From Her Wooden Sleep 2

Saturday July 22nd | 2pm | $50 ($60 for non-members)
The Power Plant | 231 Queens Quay W
Reservations online via The Power Plant

I’m thrilled to be running a writing workshop at The Power Plant this July to complement the themes and ideas of Ydessa Hendeles’ The Milliner’s Daughter. Here’s a summary of the workshop, the exhibition, and how you can be part of this special session.

Anyone can be welcomed in some circles and turned away from others. Everything from the way we look, to our friends, family, and beliefs can affect our perceptions of self and the roles we are expected to play in society. All of these ideas are examined in Ydessa Hendeles’ The Milliners’ Daughter, presented by The Power Plant from June 24th-September 4th, 2017.

Outside In is a hands-on writing workshop that invites participants to consider different perspectives about outsiders and insiders, themselves and others. After a tour and discussion of The Milliner’s Daughter, writers will be invited to create and share new pieces of flash fiction, poetry or memoir in response to open-ended exercises. The workshop’s supportive structure encourages writers to share personal thoughts in a safe and non-critical environment.

The workshop is open to writers of all levels. Writing materials will be provided.

From Her Wooden Sleep, Ydessa Hendeles

From Her Wooden Sleep, Ydessa Hendeles

Ydessa Hendeles is a pioneering exponent of curating as a creative artistic practice. Blurring the borders between collector, curator and artist, she has fashioned her own distinctive space in the contemporary art world. She  explores perceptions of difference and diversity in her work, assembling objects and artefacts into contemporary fables about the way representation and distortion, appropriation and assimilation can filter group and individual identities. Read more about Ydessa Hendeles, The Milliner’s Daughter and reserve your space for Outside In at The Power Plant’s website.




The Start Writing Podcast chat with author, editor and book nerd Mark Leslie on the craft of telling stories, and the business of finding an audience.
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outdoor mill

A cautionary tale about ignoring your work for too long, and the joy of getting away from it all.

If you’ve taken one of my workshops and heard snippets about men in white coats, a mailboy named Charlie, or obsessive-compulsive pizza eating, you’ve heard some parts of my novel-in-progress. Many elements of the current draft made the journey from handwritten, in-group exercises to typed, edited pages. Many, but not all.

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concept cover art for 2017 journal

The submission box is open for the 2017 Start Writing anthology. If you’ve taken one of my workshops over the past year you’re invited to share a story, poem or comic for possible inclusion. ** Deadline extended to February 15, 2017.  **

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Anybody Want to go First? The Start Writing Annual 2016 is now available in a digital edition. Free! The eBook contains all the same pieces as the print edition, with original stories, poems and comics by these Start Writing veterans:

Ariel Goldblatt, Elisha Gennara, Jean Blacklock, Daniella Musarella-Kelly, Stephanie Christmas, Yashin Blake, Miranda Hargraves, Susheela Willis, Elizabeth Holmes, Nerissa Martin, Jill Firman, Simona Dragu, Tasha Stewart, Marie Van Wassenhoven, Sanaz Ghasemi, Timothy Taylor, Daven Sharma, Christie McNabb, Dale Sheldrake.

Download direct from Lulu.com: http://bit.ly/2he9BDy

iBookstore: http://apple.co/2hCsJby

Print editions are still available for $5 a copy.